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You can send any data to Plotter and it will magically add an auto-scaled chart to all currently listening dashboards.

Getting Started

Download Plotter from Github and change the auth token in index.js.

Start the server by running node index.js. In your application, make a GET request to


Here are some JSON formats that can be sent to the server:

1. {"chartID" : value, "chartID2": value2}
2. {"chartID" : {"breakdown1": value1, "breakdown2": value2}}
3. {"chartID" : {"title": "Title"}}
4. {"chartID" : {"value": value, "title": "Title"}}

Plotter will add the current value to the appropriate chart. If the current value is passed in as a breakdown, then Plotter will chart the sum of the breakdown.


{"Signups" : {"Web" : 12, "Mobile" : 10}} // Will graph 22 and show the breakdown above the chart
{"logins": {"title": "Number of Logins", "Web": 10}}

You can easily run it on Heroku:

heroku apps:create myapp
git push heroku master

Check it out and let me know what you think! Plotter was inspired by Tasseo and Scout Realtime.

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